Emily "ASG" Minch

Emily "anti-social girl" Minch



Age: 22
DOB: pending Astrological sign: pending

Profession: junior student

General Personality:

Emily keeps to herself most of the time. She's earned the moniker of "ASG" around campus stemming from Stella Vanderhoff's commentary that she is "Anti-social Girl". Emily feels that the majority of the student body is a waste of space.

Miscellaneous Facts:

Significant other: unknown.
Favorite color: peacock blue
Favorite drink: rum & coke

Favorite food: Moraccan

Hobbies & Interests: spending time alone, birdwatching, writing, model trains,


Emily's Background:

Emily hasn't had a good time since coming to Quinlan. She refuses to give into the mockery and changed from a fairly quiet and non-descript girl into a sharp tongued and sarcastic virago. She's grown increasingly moody and isolates herself from others whenever possible. Emily is intelligent and knows that her abilities are stronger than most students in her age bracket. She plans to attend Quinlan's graduate school program and eventually teach at the university or if possible at the IIEAA.

Snapshot Quote:

"What are you looking at? Can't you find something more freakish to do, you monkey?"

Emily :romantically speaking...
Emily has been seen dating guys from off campus. The rumor going around is that she meets them at club Alibi.

Abbey:physical facts

Head: pending Hair: pending Eyes: pending Body: volks pending